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The 9 Best Herb Grinders in 2019 for Efficient Smoking, Vaping and Kief Building


Today you're getting a rundown of the best weed processors available.


From weed processors made to develop huge amounts of kief, to weed processors that granulate your herb powder-fine, before the finish of this post you will take your pot use to best soil ph tester the following dimension with a top quality weed processor from 1 of the accompanying areas:


4-Piece Weed Grinders for Building Up Large Amounts of Kief


These processors are THE go-to processors in the event that you need to develop kief.


A 4-piece processor has an extraordinary screen at its base. All the little precious stones and trichomes that fall through while you're pounding, get captured in this screen.


After some time, this kief will develop pleasantly, and you will have an amazingly strong natural dull available to you. You can sprinkle kief over your weed to give it some additional intensity for instance. Or on the other hand vape it/smoke everything independent from anyone else (be cautious however this will be very powerful and hard-hitting).


Simply recall:


In light of their size, 4-piece processors are not the best decision on the off chance that you have compactness as a high need.


Remembering this present, how about we begin with our best 4-piece weed processor.


  1. Space Case Grinder Titanium (4-Piece, Medium Size)


Space Case is one of those heavyweight marks in the weed processor world.


Space Case processors will last you for 10+ years, without debasing in execution or any materials/coatings falling off, similar to you get with such a large number of less expensive processors.


The assemble nature of Space Case processors is unparalleled.


Execution insightful, this weed processor tears through the hardest nugs with insignificant exertion without fail.


This weed processor is our top pick in case you're searching for the least demanding and most steady pound. To start with, you don't should granulate for quite a while to get a similar pound consistency with the majority of your herb. Second, it's exceptionally simple to get precisely the same pound consistency each time you crush.


It's additionally verifiably the best processor for getting kief. The kief develop with this processor after just 10-15 toils is as of now so much, you will feel obliged to begin utilizing your kief.


Don't you loathe it when you haul out your processor, see all the sap and soil between the crushing teeth, and rapidly understand that you can't pound yet, however need to clean first.


All things considered, with Space Case processors cleaning isn't required. Particularly with the TitaniumSpace Case Grinders:


Nothing adheres to this processor, your herb will slide off the pounding teeth like delicate margarine slides off a blade.


Despite the fact that the crush of the Space Case Grinder is better than that of the Santa Cruz Shredder…


In case you're searching for a truly fine pound (for conduction vapes for the most part), you will need to go for a legitimate 2-piece processor.


For whatever else than 100% conduction vapes, this 4-piece Space Case Grinder will be impeccable.


What's more, since the principle motivation seeds behind why you would get a 4-piece processor is to get kief, and this Space Case Grinder gets kief like no one's matter of fact…


It's our TOP pick of every one of the 4-piece processors.


Snap to see the latest cost:


Santa Clause Cruz Shredder (4-Piece, Medium Size)


The Santa Cruz Shredder is otherwise called the 'restorative evaluation' weed processor and has a remarkable history and notoriety of being one of the most elevated quality weed processors you can get.


This has a few reasons:


  • It has anodized strung surfaces to anticipate harm that typically happens between 2 sliding metals, which means you will dependably be protected from smaller scale portions of aluminum dirtying your herb;


  • A simple grasp and revolution (doesn't expect solidarity to granulate);


  • Strict restorative evaluation ultrasonic purging systems straight when it leaves the assembling procedure (to evacuate any contaminants that get discharged during the assembling procedure);


  • It's incredibly solid, tough and scratch-safe.


Every one of these highlights make the Santa Cruz Shredder the best pick for anybody that is over the top about wellbeing or security.


It's likewise the main processor that truly 'shreds' your weed as opposed to crushing it.


This means your herb will turn out 'cushy' and with a specific measure of volume keeping most trichomes on your herb.


This cushy pound is GREAT for unadulterated convection vapes like the Firefly 2 or VapeXhale Cloud EVO.


In spite of the fact that an enormous 4-piece processor ordinarily implies there's a ton of kief develop, the Santa Cruz Shredder falls short here when you contrast it with the 4-piece Space Case Grinders.


It shows signs of improvement:


Its size is huge enough to pound any measure of weed of any sort with negligible exertion.


The main concern is:


I profoundly suggest Santa Cruz Shredders, and they're my preferred processors since I for the most part use convection vaporizers and like feathery crushes by and large.


Snap to see the latest cost:

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